Our Story & The History of The Land

The Barn at Bull Meadow is family owned and operated by Justin, Jennifer and Eric Stephens. The three of us are New Hampshire natives, with strong ties to the community and a love and appreciation for what makes New Hampshire such a special place.

In 2016, when Justin and Jennifer started planning for their own wedding, they struggled to find a venue that had the rustic character they were looking for while also not compromising on amenities (renting portable toilets, lack of air conditioning, vendors cooking outdoors, inadequate bridal suites, etc.).   Additionally, they had a hard time finding a venue that was budget-conscious and straight forward with their pricing.

Shortly after their wedding, Justin and Jennifer, along with Eric (Justin’s best man and brother), decided they were going to try to open a venue which provided everything they were looking for, but couldn’t find in the area.  The three of us looked at over 50 properties before taking the drive down the dirt road which led us to Bull Meadow. We immediately knew that this was the place, and we were quick to reach out to the owners of the land to strike a deal.

The History of the land

One of the greatest things about this site beyond the location and amazing views is the story that goes along with it and lent itself to the Barn at Bull Meadow name. Years ago, an old man lived in a small cabin on the land with no electricity and made a quiet living by farming the land, but all of the neighbors knew about the lone bull he kept on the property. They knew about him due to his propensity to escape his pen and wander to the neighbor’s home to treat himself to the plants and flowers in their gardens! As we got to know all of our neighbors throughout this process any of them that were here long enough to remember the “Old Man and the Bull” shared with us stories and photos of the travelling bull. In discussing this with the previous owners, whose father is the “Old Man” it just made sense to pay homage to the heritage of the land, and thus The Barn at Bull Meadow was born!


Top Photo Credit: Kathleen Kelly Photography